Welcome to Adminton (アドミントン) project!

The Adminton (アドミントン) project contains a ton of useful things (e.g. the Logbuch tools) for Intevation's administrators, which might be useful for other admins, too.

Quick instructions for installing the Logbuch tools in /usr/local/bin:
  1. Download logbuch-installer with curl, wget, or your favourite web browser.
  2. run as root: bash logbuch-installer

Primary SCM Repository: https://hg.intevation.de/adminton/

The primary SCM repository for this project is managed with the Mercurial Distributed SCM, but commits in the SVN tree on wald.intevation.org will be imported into it.

Mini introduction for accessing the Adminton repository:

  • Create a local clone of the repository: hg clone https://hg.intevation.de/adminton/
  • Update the local repository and working directory: hg pull --update
  • Show the changelog: hg log --style=changelog
More detailed usage instructions can be found in the Mercurial tutorial or in German language in the presentation about Mercurial for LinuxTag 2006.

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